Starting Your Loan Application

Congratulations! Let’s get you started with your loan application.

Completing a loan application doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Although regulations require us to ask for specific information, we designed our online application to be as simple and convenient as possible. We’ve also listed a few items to have handy that can help speed up the application process.

Of course I’m here for you through the entire process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. Let’s do this!

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HELPFUL TIP: After you’ve completed your application, you can securely upload documents at the same time. You may have several of these documents out already. Save yourself a lot of time and upload them right away.

Information to have handy at application.

  • The Property Being Financed

    Information such as the address, purchase price (or home value for refinancing), loan amount and the type of property. If you don’t have a specific address yet, just the state will work for now.

  • Sources of Income

    Information such as current and past employment, additional sources of income such as social security, pensions, alimony, investments or government assistance.

  • Assets & Liabilities

    Information about your various accounts, cars, life insurance, real estate or other loans in your name.

Documents needed shortly after your application.

  • Last 2 Years W-2’s


  • Last 2 Years Tax Returns (all schedules)


  • Last 2 Months Bank Statements (all pages)


  • Last 30 Days Paystubs


  • Copy of Driver’s License


  • Business Tax Returns (if self-employed)


  • Purchase Contract


  • Realtor® Phone Numbers (if applicable)


  • Insurance Agent Name & Phone


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