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When considering a move-up, the BENEFITS of more living space, storage options and additional amenities like a backyard and a garage is just the start. You are INVESTING in your FUTURE with potential for higher resale value and long-term appreciation.
At Summit Mortgage, we can help UNLOCK OPPORTUNITIES for you in today’s market!

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4 Keys to Unlock Opportunity:

  1. Leverage Your Home Equity
  2. Strategic Selling and Buying
  3. Expanding Your Location and Amenities
  4. Capitalize in a Seller’s Market

One of the significant advantages for move-up buyers in today’s market is the potential equity available and the demand for their current home.

This combination can translate into success when looking for your next ‘just right’ home. While current interest rates may be higher than the rate you have on your current home, your buying and selling advantages may make this the ideal time to make a move and should rates come down, you can refinance at that time.

As a move-up buyer, you have the advantage of favorable home equity and a seller’s market. By partnering with Summit Mortgage, you can navigate the complex process of selling your current home and purchasing your dream home with confidence. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the entire journey, providing personalized solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to embark on your move-up buying adventure and unlock the opportunities waiting for you in the real estate market.

Need Help Structuring a Non-Contingent Purchase?

This is a common need for homeowners who wish to purchase prior to selling their home for a variety of reasons:
  • Non-contingent offers are preferred by home sellers and new home builders.
  • Non-contingent transactions allow the buyer to plan the timing of a move.
  • Reduces the stress of having to sell & close prior to the purchase of a new home.
What are the common questions and concerns regarding a non-contingent arrangement?
  • Can I qualify for a new loan if I haven’t sold my current home?
  • Where will I obtain cash to close on my new home if we had intended to use the net proceeds from the sale of our current home?
  • If, after selling our current home, we have additional money we wish to put towards the new loan, can we do that and lower the balance, payment, and even remove mortgage insurance, if required, without refinancing or losing our interest rate?

A ‘no cost’ consultation will answer these questions and provide possible solutions

Here's the Difference-Maker:

Make your offer pop 10,000 times more! In tight inventory markets, make your offer stand out. We’re so confident in our process, that if your loan doesn’t close, we’ll either purchase the seller’s home or pay the seller $10,000.

Your Loan Officer will have all the details.
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APPROVED offers work harder in low inventory markets.

A pre-approval from Summit Mortgage is a great strategy to get your offer to the top of the list. Our company is respected and recognized by real estate agents working hard to get their clients to closing.

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