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Blog Category: Home Buying

How Home Appraisal Values Affect Buying and Selling a Home

Understanding Home Appraisal Values You got pre-approved to buy a home. Then, you found your dream home (it’s perfect in every way). You submitted a purchase agreement and the seller accepted. Next stop, closing day. Except, pump the brakes. Your next stop is ... More

What You Need To Know About Non-Contingent Loan Approval

If you’ve never purchased a home before, you might not be familiar with a contingency offer. In fact, you might not even understand the offer process at all, so let’s start there. Step one, you work with a personal loan officer and get pre-approved ... More

How to Save for Your Dream Wedding and Your Dream Home

Love is in the air,  as are your dreams of life after your upcoming wedding. You’ve likely pictured your future a thousand times over. Maybe you and your soon-to-be spouse hope to purchase a condo in the city, a bungalow in a first-ring suburb, or a big home in the country with lots of bedrooms for children. Whatever your ... More

Mortgage and Refinance Options for Families Who Have Outgrown Their Homes

A growing family doesn't necessarily need to start looking for a larger home. In fact, the best home option could be the one they are already living in, providing they can afford to make a few renovations. In many situations, it’s more affordable to improve the home you currently own than it is to purchase and move into a ... More

How Parents Can Help Their Grown Children Finance and Buy Their Own Home

When the time comes to purchase a first home, questions about financing and down payments are sure to arise. The buyer will be asking how much money should I save to buy a home? Parents often wonder how they can help their grown children pay for a home. And everyone is curious about what’s the best way to go ... More

How to Buy Your First Home When You’re Expecting or Adopting a Baby

Is Buying a House While Pregnant Wise? Buying a home always comes with challenges and obstacles. If you’re in the process of buying a house and having a baby at the same time, those challenges multiply. The same can also be true if you are adopting a child. So, which comes first? Mortgage or baby? Truthfully, it’... More

How to Best Navigate Selling Your First Home and Buying Your Second

How to Best Navigate Selling Your First Home and Buying Your Second

How Do You Sell a House and Buy One at the Same Time? If you thought that buying your first home felt like a whirlwind, wait until you decide to purchase your second home. You may find yourself longing for the simpler process of going from a renter to a homeowner. What makes moving from your current home ... More

How to Compare Your Second Home Mortgage Loan Options

How to Compare Your Second Home Mortgage Loan Options

How Does Someone Buy a Second Home? For a lot of people, owning a second home means owning a vacation home. Unless you've won the lottery, you’ll likely need a second mortgage to purchase one, and that can be expensive. Cost is why a vacation home remains an unattainable daydream for most. Just about everyone can picture ... More

Second-Time Homebuyer Downpayment Strategies

Second-Time Homebuyer Down Payment Strategies

Do Second-Time Homebuyers Need a Down Payment? The quick answer is yes, it is almost certain that you will need a down payment. How much do you have to put down on a second home? That answer will depend on how much you can afford and how much is required by the loan program you use to purchase ... More

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