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Blog Archive: 2020

Advantages of Working for a Family-Owned Mortgage Company

As a mortgage loan officer, your job is to help make people’s dreams come true. But what about your dreams? Are you looking out for yourself? Are you investing your time, talent and efforts into a company you can be proud of? Are you being acknowledged for your accomplishments and work? And ultimately, do you feel fortunate to be ... More

How Our Ascent App Helps Loan Officers to Successfully Close Loans and Build Relationships

As you are keenly aware, there are a number of factors that have reshaped the home loan industry over the last decade. While new laws, regulations, loan program changes, and lender consolidations have all played significant roles, perhaps nothing has had the dramatic impact of digital home loan apps. Some personal loan officers are resistant to adopt the use of ... More

5 Reasons Top Loan Officers Choose to Make the Move to Summit Mortgage

Summit Mortgage knows that a mortgage company is only as good as its loan officers. You are the one connecting with customers, providing expertise and doing whatever can be done to help people purchase or refinance their dream home. We want to continue building our team of successful, ... More

How Home Appraisal Values Affect Buying and Selling a Home

Understanding Home Appraisal Values You got pre-approved to buy a home. Then, you found your dream home (it’s perfect in every way). You submitted a purchase agreement and the seller accepted. Next stop, closing day. Except, pump the brakes. Your next stop is ... More

What You Need To Know About Non-Contingent Loan Approval

If you’ve never purchased a home before, you might not be familiar with a contingency offer. In fact, you might not even understand the offer process at all, so let’s start there. Step one, you work with a personal loan officer and get pre-approved ... More

How to Save for Your Dream Wedding and Your Dream Home

Love is in the air,  as are your dreams of life after your upcoming wedding. You’ve likely pictured your future a thousand times over. Maybe you and your soon-to-be spouse hope to purchase a condo in the city, a bungalow in a first-ring suburb, or a big home in the country with lots of bedrooms for children. Whatever your ... More

Mortgage and Refinance Options for Families Who Have Outgrown Their Homes

A growing family doesn't necessarily need to start looking for a larger home. In fact, the best home option could be the one they are already living in, providing they can afford to make a few renovations. In many situations, it’s more affordable to improve the home you currently own than it is to purchase and move into a ... More

How Parents Can Help Their Grown Children Finance and Buy Their Own Home

When the time comes to purchase a first home, questions about financing and down payments are sure to arise. The buyer will be asking how much money should I save to buy a home? Parents often wonder how they can help their grown children pay for a home. And everyone is curious about what’s the best way to go ... More

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